Educated as an architect and urbanist in India and Germany, Sukanya Krishnamurthy received her Ph.D. from Bauhaus University (Germany) in 2012. Prior to joining the Chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture at the Department of the Built Environment within the Technical University of Eindhoven in 2014, she spent two years working for the Neptis Foundation, a nonpartisan, urban research foundation and was a sessional lecturer at School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University in Toronto (Canada). During the course of her graduate studies and professional life, she has worked as an architect, designer, and researcher in Bangalore (India), Aachen, Dessau (Germany) and Toronto (Canada).
Sukanya’s interests lies at the interface of urban, social and cultural geography, where her research explores various narratives that can be read through architecture within the multidisciplinary milieu of the contemporary city. These include a wide range of subjects: collective memory, identity, forces shaping morphology, urban transformations and interdisciplinary methods of research.